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13 September 2006 @ 09:10 pm
The plot bunnies, they kill  
The idea struck me within the first minute of listening to the prodigious Heifetz play. I'll always remember him as a person who played with immense passion while his body and his expression remained strangely stoic.

And, of course, that made me tempted to sketch a line of Heero as a violinist of similar temperment. That and this pic I saw by Sean-nos Cyberproject with him playing an electric violin. Really, how cool would that be? *grins*

Anyway, I know I don't have the... passion, I guess, to be a "good" violin player. I'm practicing a lot lately, mainly cos of Bach and my desperate need to play in tune. Ironically, Bach's the one composer that if I don't practice practice practice, even for a day, I'll screw up. Yet I love his works. So I'm practicing that and intonation, plus vibrato. But yes, I don't feel any... real spark when I play. It's fun and it's exciting to make music but there's no real connection. Same with other instrument in general, I guess.

But Bach's rather inspiring. He's one of my favorite composers, along with Chopin and Clementi.

Or maybe... I don't know. Have I become too discouraged in playing? I think I have. With drawing, I've been able to bitchslap that discouragement away with my determination to get better, no matter what, and besides, I've seen others who've drawn worse that've gotten jaw-droppingly good.

Yet it feels different. I like to play in a group but draw by myself. I practice my music because I feel like I shouldn't be the one dragging my section down. I practice drawing because it's fun and I can lose myself in it. I don't know if I can lose myself in music yet, if I'm just playing solo.

But maybe I'll just wait and see. I'd like to practice more right now because I'm curious if I'll improve. If I improve enough by the end of the year, I'll consider staying in Concert Orchestra. If not, then, well... I guess I'll pick another class.

I can treat playing the violin as a hobby - not an obligation, if I plan to play for the rest of my life. Secretly, I love listening to music and playing by ear -- something that I've found works better for me than just reading music. ^^; So on weekends I take out my violin and pluck or play along to "Kryptonite" or "With or Without You". I wanna figure out how to play some of the Muse and AC/DC songs. =D
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