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08 October 2006 @ 06:50 pm
I'm out of my drawing funk! *dances*

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Er, I re-read DCR and realized his hair was caught much higher than that but I found the image of Duo yanking his braid to be hilarious enough to keep.

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Ahaha, my cherub faced Duo. He's precious. =3 I've read a lot of fics where writers describe him aging with the fact that he lost a lot of that baby fat, especially around the cheeks, so I used that. Unfortunately, even in real life I can't guess a person's age very well, only able to place them somewhere as kid, teenager, adult, and old person. This is also why I don't assume someone's age lest I be way off (it's happened before).

*I finally remembered how to sketch an outline of Duo today too. >.< Idiot tyro.
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