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27 December 2006 @ 08:44 pm
Be An Anime Character
by mangacatgirl
Character Name
HairShort Orange Hair
Fashion StyleDark Demonic Clothes
RoleMech Pilot

Heck yes, on the mech pilot. Orange hair I'm not so fond of.
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14 November 2006 @ 07:58 pm
It's been a while since I scanned anything, so I picked this one:

There were two I liked but weren't finished, although this is still a rough draft too. I don't think I've ever completed an actual drawing. Ahaha.

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My definition of completed disagrees with my teachers...Collapse )
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09 October 2006 @ 11:36 pm
Blowing things up would make me feel better.Collapse )
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08 October 2006 @ 06:50 pm
I'm out of my drawing funk! *dances*

I really have Dyna Dee and hardcore procrastination to blame... =DCollapse )
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29 September 2006 @ 03:45 pm
This song always reminds of Duo. Really! It fits him pretty well during the series when he gets out of his slump and comes back roaring in Deathsycthe Hell.

I usually don't write fics. But sometimes the urge gets me. This is a WIP like 99.99% of my crap. I was reading a fanfic and needed to vent my frustrations out on the fact that people overlook or graze over the psychological impact of trauma. Instead they write about the dashing hero or the plot gets wired on romance and lemons.

Objectives: - write a story that deals with emotional and mental imbalance
- write a fanfic in which the romance doesn't overwhelm the plot
- try to write a suspense story
- remove fanon perceptions of the GW characters
- portray characters as more than static/flat characters
The Straw That Breaks The Camel's Back 1/?Collapse )
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26 September 2006 @ 09:21 pm

I have tons of artists I worship my sketchbook on, but GW doesn't have as many artists around anymore, so it's a rare treat for me to stumble on a site. This one I found a few months ago, maybe? Anyway, the artist is Kajika Ono and I love her use of contrast and color.

Plus she draws some of the sexiest Heero ever. He could have his shirt off and I'd be completely dead. Guh.

She doesn't draw the other pilots as much but when she does it's just !!! One of my favorite pictures is of all the pilots and the viewer is seeing them from bird's eye view. That's another thing. PERSPECTIVE. I love it when people use perspective and make it work. Kajika's is superb -- I hope to achieve that sort of mastery in perspective someday.

But that's not why I'm posting.

I'm posting because I found a boatload of sketches/doodles in her Diary section which I have never seen until now.



ETA: I found a lot more sketches of the other pilots, especially Duo. o(^.^)o
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23 September 2006 @ 03:40 pm
I haven't posted much lately not cos I haven't been drawing, but I've been busy. Teachers are so spiteful. ;-;

This pic's okay -- I'm using pens 'stead of pencils if I want my lines to look darker now. Not a perfect system, but y'know, it never is. Broody!Heero is very common, but I wanted him to have a more reflective look. One day I'll have to draw a smiling Heero...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If I look back at the series, I can't help but notice how all the pilots get contemplative when they're alone. Duo's little reflecting sessions stood out to me the most cos it's a nice contrast. Likewise, Heero, Trowa, and Wufei talk a lot when they're alone. =P But Trowa's especially chatty, such as in the beginning when he's attacking the Ozzies.

Another thing that makes me smirk is the fanon fixation people have on Heero and his laptop. He uses it for missions, yeah, but Duo uses explosives to get out of a jam, so it's not really like he's that attached to it. >>;

For some reason, the pilots would make really good musicians. I mean, Trowa and Quatre already play instruments so that's two-fifths right there. I could see Heero playing the violin or piano, Wufei strikes me as a drummer (those ancient Chinese drums!), and Duo... he'd be a good bassist. He sort of sneaks up on you, he's a presence you don't really notice 'til he's gone. =D
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This is a conversation I had with my mother, translated from Korean:

Mother: In the Bible it says that black men were created as dirty, lazy beings, yellow-skinned men as hard working, and white men as pure and above all.

Me: ...I've read the Bible. Where does it say that?

Mother: I'll show you.

Mother: *reads the first page of the Bible about the creation*

Me: So, the whole black man, yellow, and white man thing is word of mouth from people in Jesus' time?

Mother: The truth was spread through word of mouth.

Me: It's not directly from Jesus or God is it? Why should we take it as a "truth" then?

Mother: ...*goes on a rant*

Mother: Catholicism is the root of Christianity -- the basic beliefs are same throughout the branches.

Me: Yes, but you're saying the whole racist sterotype is the same throughout.

We get into a big fight and my mother screams at me that the sterotypes are true from her experiences with black people -- that they are gross, lazy, and overall bad people. Well, she works at Walmart and an air force, so she doesn't get around a lot. I argue that people are different no matter their race -- there's bad apples in every basket. She says there's a lot less in Asians.

Finally, I yell at her that the branches of Christianity aren't identical, that some of them wouldn't buy that racist bullshit and she yells back, saying she'll take me to mass on Sunday and I can ask the priest about it.

Me: Oh, so I guess I can go ask the priest if black people are awful people.

It seems like she misses the point entirely of my argument. I didn't argue that the basic fundamental beliefs of Christianity aren't the same -- I argued that that one passage in the Korean Bible wasn't true for all other types of Bibles.

Then the conversation takes on new seeping levels of stupidity:

Mother: In LA black people killed and attacked Korean people at Koreatown in the 1990s!

Me: Oh, and Koreans don't have the power to kill other Koreans as well?

Mother: Koreans wouldn't kill each other!

Me: *gapes* *starts laughing* Have you been even watching the news?! If you have a gun, you can kill someone!

Mother: Shut up and go to bed.

Then we end with me shutting my door and feeling like I wanted to throw up, break something, or cry. Breaking something would just get me in deeper shit and crying is for babies, but a few tears leeked.

It's just... god. My parents consider me the rebel kid, the punk who was such a good daughter when she was little -- now having "revolutionary" beliefs and going against her parents' ideals. Fucking hell, they just want me to be a brainless sheep who scores perfect on every fucking assignment, quiz, and test in my entire academic history.

Screw that. I know what I believe in and I'd rather live in conflict than ignorance. I believe in human equality, believed it since I was little when I made a friend with a black kid after my mother warned me against making friends with blacks. I don't cling in a crowd of Asians just because I'm an Asian -- I hang out with people I tolerate, despite backgrounds.

You can't break me of that belief. Ever.

I have difficulty believing sometimes how I became such a liberal thinker in a family full of traditional conservatives. It wasn't like I wasn't influenced -- hell yes, but even before I knew anything, I kind of such had a sense of "right" and "wrong".

Really, I'm not even a true Christian. I believe in science much more than religion. It's funny how my parents obliviously try to make me understand concepts at school that are enforcing my opinion on religion.
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17 September 2006 @ 03:26 pm
Yesterday and today have been frustrating drawing days. I feel like I should've improved more by now, even if I've only drawn for a year.

A pic from 2005 and one from todayCollapse )
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13 September 2006 @ 09:10 pm
The idea struck me within the first minute of listening to the prodigious Heifetz play. I'll always remember him as a person who played with immense passion while his body and his expression remained strangely stoic.

And, of course, that made me tempted to sketch a line of Heero as a violinist of similar temperment. That and this pic I saw by Sean-nos Cyberproject with him playing an electric violin. Really, how cool would that be? *grins*

Anyway, I know I don't have the... passion, I guess, to be a "good" violin player. I'm practicing a lot lately, mainly cos of Bach and my desperate need to play in tune. Ironically, Bach's the one composer that if I don't practice practice practice, even for a day, I'll screw up. Yet I love his works. So I'm practicing that and intonation, plus vibrato. But yes, I don't feel any... real spark when I play. It's fun and it's exciting to make music but there's no real connection. Same with other instrument in general, I guess.

But Bach's rather inspiring. He's one of my favorite composers, along with Chopin and Clementi.

Or maybe... I don't know. Have I become too discouraged in playing? I think I have. With drawing, I've been able to bitchslap that discouragement away with my determination to get better, no matter what, and besides, I've seen others who've drawn worse that've gotten jaw-droppingly good.

Yet it feels different. I like to play in a group but draw by myself. I practice my music because I feel like I shouldn't be the one dragging my section down. I practice drawing because it's fun and I can lose myself in it. I don't know if I can lose myself in music yet, if I'm just playing solo.

But maybe I'll just wait and see. I'd like to practice more right now because I'm curious if I'll improve. If I improve enough by the end of the year, I'll consider staying in Concert Orchestra. If not, then, well... I guess I'll pick another class.

I can treat playing the violin as a hobby - not an obligation, if I plan to play for the rest of my life. Secretly, I love listening to music and playing by ear -- something that I've found works better for me than just reading music. ^^; So on weekends I take out my violin and pluck or play along to "Kryptonite" or "With or Without You". I wanna figure out how to play some of the Muse and AC/DC songs. =D
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